A New Kind of Business

With a combination of mobile technology, autonomous drones and our strong network of local businesses, hospitals, logistics businesses and restaurants, we make local delivery faster, safe and more affordable.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps


1. Register On Our Node Network

With help of our mobile application you can easily apply to be part of our network of delivery drones. However, This process reguires strict documentation.

2. Get Verified to Use Our Network

Our team goes to your request and verifies the submitted documentation and the location of your business. Soon after been accepted in you unlock all our apps features.


3. Start Delivering Like an UFO

Congratulations! Now you are officially part of open drone network. You can now delivery to your customers in less than 5 mins and start growing with us.

Questions? Please e-mail: questions@theopendrone.com

Let Us Help You Serve Your Customers Faster

What are you waiting for? Let us help you serve your customers faster and help you grow.

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