Week 1 December update

December 06, 2020


  • We've gotten in touch with vendors for manufacturing the drone out of sheet metal.

  • The design is currently being updated to ensure perfect curvature so that there are no issues with the manufacturing of the design.

  • We're working on the CFD analysis of the drone to get more accurate CI/CD values to better support the calculations for takeoff and flight.

  • Part of the electronics order has arrived, so we should be able to get thrust values through tests in the coming week.


  • Documentation is now being sent to be reviewed by Helpful.

Other News

  • We're now working with Helpful to gain more visibility for the project through articles. We're planning to have some announcements come up around the Feb/March timeline which should hopefully happen shortly after the prototype is complete.

  • We're made a basic form to quantitatively bring together the proof of demand and are looking for validation

  • We've now started work on getting a proper business model sorted so that we can effectively move to market.

  • We're starting work on revamping the website.