Week 1 February updates

February 07, 2021


  • We're getting quite close to procuring all of the required material for the drone - our funding request has been approved by helpful and a lot of the parts are currently in transit, so we should be seeing some stuff be built this week.

  • So far the lead times for the materials have been a bit of a bottleneck, so hopefully once we have most of the materials progress should be faster.


  • We've been talking to Helpful to get some support for simulations, as currently we do not have the relevant computational power or the right license, so we're working on getting those to better do simulations.

  • In the meantime, I have been working on getting a 2D CFD simulation complete for the drone. It won't be as useful as a 3D one, but it can provide relevant insights with the current software limitations we're facing.


  • We have been talking to many companies/individuals about OpenDrone to get an idea of the market - we're talking to users to understand what they need, investors to find out how to raise money, and other companies whose services we may require.

  • To make sure everything is up to date on the current website, we're working on updating it quickly so we do not have to wait for the new website to be up.