Week 1 November update

November 7, 2020


Couple of additional items came up in the electronics list so that is now something we're completing on priority so we can send the order and have the parts arrive soon.

We're moving over to Ansys for the structural analysis of the drone

  • Fusion 360 doesn't provide a reliable enough result.

  • The study and model is complete, however the mesh needs to be reworked as it is currently exceeding the element limit for the free license.

Did some more reading up on drone regulations - the approval required for testing shouldn't be too much of a hassle, and we've done the relevant calculations to ensure the drone wouldn't be breaking any laws during the testing process.


Documentation is being regularly updated and I'm working with our project managers to ensure the organization and formatting is ideal to make the legal battle for our MVP a lot easier. Once again, the drive and spreadsheet have all of the relevant details - do check them out regularly.