Week 2 December update

December 12, 2020


  • The parts for the prototype have now arrived, and we're working with them. The motor+propeller combination is working (see video attached below), and we should have thrust values by the end of the week!

  • Once we've decided the propeller (based on thrust values), we'll be adding them to the CAD model and running a CFD analysis to get more detailed values of Cl, Cd, and Cm to help further validate our calculations and ensure the body remains aerodynamic even with the addition of the propellers.

  • We're looking at getting a wooden mold made for the drone, and that should ideally be done sometime in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that.

  • Once we have the mold, we'll be making the frame for the drone manually, as that saves us a lot of cost for the prototype, and we'll be looking at a more robust manufacturing process when we're looking to scale up to 5+ drones (give or take).


  • We're in the process of getting the documentation reviewed by Helpful.

  • Since we've got most of the tasks done with the prototype, we're looking to start documentation of the next steps sometime soon, so that everything can be working in parallel.


  • We're going to be focusing a lot more on revamping and updating the website. We're currently in the process of bringing in more people to help out with the design and programming of the website and should be getting some updates on that soon. Feel free to message me on slack if you're interested in helping out with the website (or any other part of the project for that matter!)

Other News

  • To better position ourselves for partnerships and sponsorships, we're looking at setting up OpenDrone as a legal entity, with Helpful supporting us. We've just started looking at how we should go about the process, and hopefully we should be incorporated sometime in the next 2-3 months, which is definitely something to look forward to!

  • We're now looking at planning out the pilot program for the drone, and we'd be starting with user interviews from pharmacists to get an idea of how we should go about implementation. Right now our main challenge is finding the pharmacists, so if anyone has some contacts, please feel free to contact me or message on this group.