Week 2 February updates

February 13, 2021


To give a quick background on the build process, currently I'm building the foam mold for the central section of the drone, and that will be made by attaching slices of foam together and sanding it down to make a smooth shape.

  • The foam has arrived! So have many other parts - including the RC controller, battery, and propellers.

  • I've spent the better part of the day attempting to cut the foam - the main issue has been that its very hard to get straight cuts along such thick foam, and if too much gets cut, then the piece needs to be scrapped.

  • The other better part has been spent building a foam cutting device - to solve the inconsistency issue, I connected up the nichrome wire I had to some drawers and cabinets to make a mounted hot wire cutter - and it works really well.

  • Currently successfully cut and sanded down one set of airfoils (out of 12), but it was quick work after the hot wire cutter was properly set up - so we should be seeing stuff that looks like a drone next week onwards.


  • We're currently working towards getting support from ANSYS on the simulations, so hopefully we will have access to a commercial license once we'll be starting work on the MVP.

  • Our team is working with the CFD by trying to run a 2D analysis on xfoil.


  • We've got some more information on requirements and challenges associated with being a legal entity, so we're currently looking at different avenues to mitigate these issues, with the biggest challenge being the capital required to set up an entity. Thankfully, we are addressing this stage quite early, so we have time on our side to figure out a plan for incorporation once the drone is complete.