Week 2 January update

January 23, 2021


  • We've finally started the physical build of the drone! You can find images of the preliminary work done here.

  • We've been working on getting the FEA analysis of the drone done and have reached out to some people doing Formula SAE to help with analysis of composite materials for the crash testing of the drone.

  • We've sent a funding request to order the parts for the drone.

  • We've tried to run some simpler CFD simulations, however 3D analysis seems impossible with the element limits of the free Ansys license. We're working on getting a commercial license of Ansys through Helpful, but till then we'll be using 2D analysis for now.

  • We're considering reaching out to other entities to help with the manufacturing of the drone.


  • We've been working hard with our team to get a better idea of the legal framework surrounding drone delivery in India. The major complexities lie with the approval of BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) deliveries, however we can still test the drone in private property without legal approval and our current priority is finding a suitable location to do that.

Other News

  • Website is being worked on by our team

  • We've started using notion for kanban and other documentation. Soon we'll be copying over our current files from the drive to notion as well