Week 2 November update

November 14, 2020


  • Most of the FEA simulations are complete - the final collision simulation is currently running and should finish solving in a day or two. You can see the results of one of the simulations below (don't worry, the plastic deformation is 0).
  • We have sent the funding request for the electronics order to Helpful and its currently being processed (and hopefully approved).
  • The model has now been simplified for ease of simulation and manufacturing - the changes are only in the methods used to create the bodies, so no actual structural changes have been made to the model.
  • We're on track to start working on the drone as soon as the parts arrive from China.
  • Our team has worked on and sent a document for analysis of airfoils for the drone - these will then be implemented in V2 of the prototype/the MVP.


  • I have worked on a plan for the documentation to ensure everything is up to date and there is no backlog, as there will be a lot more documentation after the prototype is complete.
  • The Trello board has been updated with everything that's going on - the dates still need to be added though.
  • The decision register has been updated with all the high-level changes in the project.
  • The action tracker is up to date.
  • Risk evaluation is up to date.