Week 3 January updates

January 31, 2021


  • We've started a build process documentation to outline the steps taken to make the physical drone. The document can be found in the technical documentation.

  • We've managed to print, join, cut out, and stick all 17 airfoils to the foamboard sheets to be cut out of foamboard using a hot wire cutter (homemade from a battery and nichrome wire).

  • We were having some difficulties making the hot wire cutter, but we've managed to get new nichrome wire so the process should hopefully be better now.

  • We've cut out the wing airfoils (2 of them) out of acrylic as a reference to cut out the long wing sheet with hot wire.

We've got our funding request approved and are now in the process of purchasing other parts for the drone.


  • We're still working on sorting out the complexities of an FEA simulation with composites. We've managed to get most of the fibers defined in ACP, and we're now trying to sort out the errors in explicit dynamics

  • We're working on getting the 2D CFD analysis complete


  • We're working on getting in touch with some NGOs that work with hospitals in rural areas - that should help us get a much better idea of the exact consumer requirements and tailor our products and processes to better suit the hospitals, and maybe even get our first customers