Week 3 November update

November 21, 2020


  • All simulations are now complete! (Videos are attached below in case you would like to see the crashes from 21m in beautiful technical detail)

  • We're currently looking for people to validate the design. If anyone knows Ansys (specifically explicit dynamics), please do reach out to me, any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Now that the simulation is complete, we are working on getting in touch with manufacturers to actually make the drone.

  • Since our electronics should be arriving around early Jan (assuming no shipping delays, which is a big assumption), we are currently ahead of schedule with all the work done, and can use this time to ensure the design is properly validated and tested virtually, and also get a headstart on the nontechnical aspects of the project.


  • The documentation is almost complete, having completed the gantt charts, updated the action tracker, and much more (if you'd like to be up to date on all the boring details, make sure you keep on checking the formal documentation folder in the drive).

  • Since the documentation is almost entirely up to date, we are planning to tidy it up and send it to helpful for review, which means that this should go back to being a background task which just needs to be maintained as the project moves forward.

Other News

  • We're looking to work with helpful to improve the reach of this project, and hopefully get some sponsors along the way. More details should be

coming soon!

  • We're currently also working on a plan to consolidate a proof of demand through various surveys on the supplier and consumer side. This is still in the early stages, so there may be major changes as nothing is set in stone just yet.