Week 4 November update

November 28, 2020


  • We're now working on getting the manufacturing of the prototype going; its going to be a sheet metal bending process to get the required shape for the drone for a reasonable price.

  • We're getting some technical drawings of the drone done to send to vendors for bending.

  • We're collaborating with some other projects in Helpful to exchange ideas and validate results.

  • All of the electronics orders have been approved and ordered, so the bulk of the expenses for the drone have been covered thanks to the prototype fund by Helpful.


  • Documentation is now complete and is being reviewed by the project managers.

Other News

We're actually running ahead of schedule (I know, it surprised me too), as most of the technical work - until the parts arrive - is complete. Over the next few weeks we will be working more on other aspects of the project, such as fundraising, business, and legal to lay the groundwork for the post prototype workflow. Look forward to hearing more from everyone as the whole team should have items to work on moving forward. Thanks for being so patient and I hope everyone is as excited for what's coming up as I am.